Winter Parking

County Parking Ordinance

The Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners has enacted a Winter Parking Ordinance prohibiting the parking of motor vehicles on public roadways and shoulders of roads in Grand Traverse County during the winter season between December 1 - March 31.

Below are Sections IV and VI of the ordinance. For a copy of the complete ordinance, visit the County Ordinances page or contact the County Clerk at:
400 Boardman Avenue
Traverse City, MI 49684
Phone: 231-922-4760

Section IV: Regulation

No person shall park any vehicle in or upon a roadway or shoulder of a roadway or street in Grand Traverse County from December 1 - March 31 of the following year between the hours of Midnight and 8 a.m. and snow emergencies.

Section VI: Violation & Penalty

A person who violates this ordinance shall be subject to a fine only of not more than:
  • $25 for the 1st offense
  • $50 for the 2nd offense
  • $75 for the 3rd offense
  • $100 for 4th and each additional offense plus costs of prosecution
This notice is published by order of the County Board of Commissioners twice during the month of November.

City Ordinance

Please note that the City of Traverse City has a separate ordinance and fine structure