Land Division Permits


Property owners applying for a parcel division under the Land Division Act are required by Act 591 of PA 1996 to comply with the location standards of the Road Commission. The purpose of this review is to determine if the proposed parcels have adequate sight distance for safe ingress to and egress from the public roadway. This review is separate from the process of obtaining driveway permits and may delay development of a parcel if not completed prior to applying for township approval of the division. Questions concerning Land Divisions should be directed to the Surveyor by calling 231-922-4849, ext. 206.

Application Process

Fill out a Land Division (Property Split) Application (PDF) to apply. Please note, it may take the Road Commission up to 7 - 10 business days to make it's recommendation to the township. Send your application by email after making payment or send your application and payment to our office.

For More Information

Your cooperation will help keep our roadways safe for vehicle traffic and reduce the future maintenance expense on our county road system. If you have any questions or need additional information regarding permitted activities in the road right-of-way, please contact us at 231-922-4848.