Road Millage


  • Answers to Questions about Road Funding (PDF)
  • Asset Management Plan (PDF): This document explains the Road Commission's planned approach to improve our county road ratings.  In 2013 when the road millage was first proposed, our goal was from a 20% good to an 80% good.  We project our 2016 road ratings to be at nearly 50% good.  GTCRC's Asset Management Plan is revised annually based on an annual physical review and rating of all the paved roads within our jurisdiction.
  • Millage Brochure (PDF)
  • PowerPoint Overview (PDF): This brief presentation provides an overview of the 2013 road millage results..

Road Millage Questions Video

This educational video was produced in 2013 and gives the groundwork of the original 2013 road millage proposal.  It gives basic information on road ratings and methods of project selection. Manager Jim Cook and Engineer Jim Johnson discuss various aspects of road millage ballot proposal in this YouTube video.