Road Millage

Road Millage - 2016 Request for Renewal

Grand Traverse County voters renewed the 2013 road millage for four-years by 70%!. To see how the 2013 millage revenues were were spent on, read this brochure.  The brochure is broken down by the four agencies that receive money to maintain the roads in their jurisdiction.

As we go forward, here is a list of potential road projects for 2017 and beyond. 

Virtual Road Tour 
With GTCRC providing service to nearly 1,000 miles of road (NOT LANE MILES), we took bids and had a "Virtual Road Tour" of our 2016 projects late last October.  We received an exceptional competitive bid and went forward.   Enjoy either a short buzz around the County with this two-minute video.  If you have eight minutes to spare, here's a little longer trip.