Trash Container Regulations

Safely Place Your Trash Containers
To save yourself time and grief this winter, when you put out your weekly trash, be sure to keep out of the road right-of-way and well within your driveway. During snow removal operations, as time and weather permit, the shoulders will be cleared to make room for future snow storage. Items located within the shoulder area will most likely become projectiles when lifted by the plow. Citizens, and trash haulers alike, should not place containers within the road right-of-way. At 35 miles per hour, depending on the weight and quantity of snow, a truck performing winter maintenance can produce plumes of snow as high as 10 feet and 25 feet wide.

Damaged Items

Items, such as trash containers or mailboxes, can be severely damaged. Under Public Act 200, any items within the road right-of-way are placed at the property owner's risk and expense. Our drivers cannot take the time to move bins or make avoidance maneuvers when removing snow. When our employees are conducting snow removal activities, they are providing emergency-like services which allow employees to report to work, mail to be delivered and buses to transport students to school, etc.