Safety Education

Safety Routes to School
Representatives of the Grand Traverse County Road Commission have been involved with the Safe Routes to School Program for a number of years.

Road Safety

Safety is important to everyone at the Road Commission. We enjoy teaching young children about safety, whether it's waiting for the bus or playing after school, about what to do when you approach a snow plow performing winter maintenance and creating a cloud of snow.

Educational Presentations
Our employees can come on site to your school or meeting with a full-dress snowplow to give a first-hand experience of the massiveness of the equipment. Topics include:
  • Importance of staying away from the snowplows throwing snow
  • Not playing on or tunneling in the snow banks along the road
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Traffic signal operation
  • Safely crossing roads
  • What to do when a snow plow is in your lane
Tour Our Office
Coming to our office will afford attendees a chance to see our:
  • Engineering office
  • Football stadium-size garage with trucks
  • Huge sand piles and salt barn
  • Mechanic shop
Please call ahead to make an appointment.
Get Your Picture Taken
One of the favorite traditions is to have a picture taken. Kids of all ages and kids at heart all like to huddle under the plow blade, get inside the truck, sit behind the wheel and toot the loud horn.

For More Information

Call us at 922-4848 to set up a visit. We'd love to meet you!