Grand Vision

About the Partnership
On August 4, 2004 following a lengthy discussion, the Board of County Road Commissioners of Grand Traverse County made and unanimously passed this motion which became the foundation for the Grand Vision:

"Motion by Maitland, seconded by Thompson, to agree to pause the permit application process and construction activities associated with the Hartman-Hammond Connector until the LEAMgroup Land Use Planning Study and update of TC-TALUS’s Long-Range Plan Transportation Model are available. During the pause, a committee should be formed with the County Board of Commissioners to recommend the form that the comprehensive transportation study should take and to establish a firmer cost estimate. The committee could include representatives from such groups as TC-TALUS, Road Commission, City of Traverse City, County Commissioners, MLUI, and NMEAC. When the studies are available, as well as any available reports from the MDNR/Corp of Engineer’s Study, the Board will hold a special meeting to review the information collected, receive community input and make a decision as to how we will proceed."

Transportation Plan
In the spring of 2006, $3.3 million in federal transportation dollars were reallocated to the Grand Traverse area for the creation and implementation of a comprehensive, multi-model transportation plan.

Land Use & Transportation Study (LUTS)
Grand Traverse County appointed a 29-member Land Use and Transportation Study (LUTS) coordinating group. That group included the Road Commission with Jay Hooper as its representative.

TC-TALUS Consultant

In August 2006, Traverse City Transportation and Land Use Study (TC-TALUS) issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) to hire a consultant that will facilitate a comprehensive, citizen-led land use and transportation planning process. The LUTS consultant selection committee recommended a consultant to conduct the Grand Vision process.

For More Information
After many years of public input, the Grand Vision is being implemented in our regional area. Visit the Grand Vision website to see what is happening in each of the 6 subcategories:
  1. Energy
  2. Food and Farming
  3. Growth and Investment
  4. Housing
  5. Natural Resources
  6. Transportation