Public Comment

There are 2 opportunities for the public to address the Board during Board meetings. The first is Item 6 and the second is Item 10 of the regular agenda.

Unrelated Topics

Public comment, if not related to an agenda topic or an appointment has not been previously scheduled, is limited to three minutes.

Related Topics

The public may address the Board on agenda items as the topics are discussed by the Board.

Comments Longer Than 3 Minutes

To address the Board for topics that require more than three minutes, an appointment will need be scheduled and the topic placed on the agenda. Both of these are arranged through the Clerk by email or by phone at 231-922-4849, ext. 207.

Requesting Board Action

Before requesting the Board to take any action on an item relating to the public, please take advantage of working with our staff. Our employees can discuss your issue, meet you on site to view the situation first-hand or may be able to redirect your inquiry to the appropriate agency.

Impasses & Deadlocks

If an impasse develops, both the public and our staff will prepare positional documents to educate the Board on the issue. These documents must be provided to the Clerk 5 working days in advance of the meeting to be included in the Board's meeting package. Advance notice to the Board allows them to ask questions early and to visit sites as necessary so that decisions can be made accurately and timely.

Presentation Approval

Presentations must be approved by the Chair 7 days prior to the meeting and are administrated through the Clerk. Proposals requiring staff review prior to Board presentation are required to be submitted 10 workdays in advance.