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Road Millage Information

The Grand Traverse County Road Commission is thrilled and thankful that on November 5, 2013 voters approved a 3 year 1 mill addition to their property taxes for improving and repairing our roads.  Going forward, we will be dedicated to putting residents' hard-earned tax dollars to work fixing our roads and, in turn, making Grand Traverse County a more beautiful place to live.

We appreciate the trust and confidence that the voting public has placed in our ability to repair and improve our county road system with the millage funds.

Millage project updates

Follow our news releases to keep updated on all the work that is being done this year with YOUR millage funds!

2014 Project List

County Line Road – Traverse Road to CR-633 – 6 miles

Karlin Road – Nessen Road to County Line – 5.5 miles

Clark Road -Voice Roads (aka Kingsley bypass) – 3.6 miles

West Long Lake Road, North Tottenham to Lakewood Road – .9  miles

South Long Lake Road, M-137 to end of our 2008 project – 1.6 miles

South Long Lake Road – south of Mud Lake Road – 0.2 miles

South Airport Road, Silver Lake to US-31 – 1.1 miles

Zimmerman Road, North Long Lake to Silver Lake – 1.35 miles

Hoch Road, Keystone to Rush – 1.1 miles

Hobbs Highway, Scout Camp to North Spider Lake – 1.2 miles

Supply Road, Kalkaska County Line to High Lake Road – 10 miles

Fife Lake Road, US-131 to Supply Road – 4.9 miles

Cass Road, City limits to Sybrandt - .8 miles

History of 2014 County Road Millage Projects

Bids were received on February 28, 2014 and awarded on March 6, 2014 for the 2014 Road Millage Projects. 

Here is the bid tab from the various projects and options.

Here is the staff recommendation for each of the projects.

Below is a video that answers many common questions about the road millage.

Manager Jim Cook and Engineer Jim Johnson discuss various aspects of the road millage ballot proposal in this YouTube video.  

Answers to questions about road funding 

Millage Brochure

PowerPoint Overview

This brief 21-slide presentation provides an overview what the ballot proposal is about.

Fact Sheet

This one-page document is a summary of the ballot proposal issues.

Asset Management Plan

This document explains the GTCRC's planned approach to improve our county road ratings from a 20% good to an 80% good.  Our Asset Management Plan will be revised annually based on an annual physical review and rating of all the paved roads within our jurisdiction. 

Proposed 2014 Road Projects

This document outlines the projects that were proposed to be done if a Bond Program had been approved by Grand Traverse County.  That list now represents our target list for 2014 projects if funding is approved.