There’s a dead / dying tree along the road, will GTCRC remove it?

GTCRC will remove trees within the road right-of-way that are dead or dying. If you know of a tree that needs to be evaluated for removal, please click here to report the issue.
 Alternatively, property owners are welcome to remove the tree in the road right-of-way adjacent to their property themselves. GTCRC does require that property owners obtain a permit prior to conducting work in the road right-of-way (there would be no fee for a permit to remove a tree).  

Please note that GTCRC receives a large number of requests to service dead or dying trees.    Unfortunately, pests/diseases like oak wilt, emerald ash borer, etc. limit the cutting season.   A significant wait-time from when your request is received until GTCRC (or our contractors) are able to respond should be expected.      GTCRC will prioritize removing trees, limbs or branches that have fallen across the traveled portion of the roadway.    

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5. There’s a dead / dying tree along the road, will GTCRC remove it?
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