What is the road Right Of Way?
The road Right Of Way is typically 66' feet wide (33' each way from the road center line).

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1. How are speed limits determined on county roads?
2. What causes a pothole?
3. What is the average cost to pave a mile of road?
4. What does the Road Commission do with my property tax?
5. Will the Road Commission pick up dead animals on the roadways?
6. My street light is out, who do I contact?
7. What is the road Right Of Way?
8. Do I need to get permission to put in a driveway or upgrade my existing driveway?
9. Can I move snow from my driveway to the ditch across the road?
10. Will the Road Commission replace or repair my mailbox that the plow hit?
11. Who do I contact about a ticket I received for parking on the county road?
12. Is it okay to park on the side of the road if my driveway is filled with snow?
13. Can I cut down a tree at the edge of the road by my property?
14. Why does it take so long for my road to be plowed?
15. Where can I pick up Adopt-A-Road bags?