Can I have a speed limit sign posted on my road?

If there are already speed limit signs posted on your road, GTCRC is not likely to put additional speed limit signs along that section. Signs are placed strategically based on the road segment. Too many signs along a roadway, too close together can be counterproductive; motorists are either distracted by them or don’t read any signs because there are too many. 
If an existing sign is damaged or missing, GTCRC will replace it. Please click here to report an issue.

 Many of GTCRC roads do not have a speed limit posted.  Michigan state law has set prima facie speed limits.  Prima facie is Latin for “on the face of it” and is the speed limit under most circumstances.  The prima facie speed limit on unmarked, unpaved roads is 55 mph and the prima facie speed limit in business or residential areas is 25 mph. These speed limits are set legislatively and apply throughout the state.

 If you would like a segment of road evaluated for more signage, Please click here to create an Engineering Inquiry.

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